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Get the 'blacksmith' demo file at the download section and test how your machine performs drawing.

The same testfile, a rendering benchmark.

NEW!! online manual (short extract of printed Manual)

Page 47 from the manual, to calibrate your monitor for prints.
Tip: monitors are better in bright colors, so try to match the center of the image. And a monitor looks different in the evening!

Alex Penner, Tutorials
Ben Cannon, Modelling Tutorial Bart Veldhuizen, Excellent tutorial collection
Carsten Wartmann, Tutorials in German Hiroshi Saito, English/Japanese Modelling Tutorials
Jason Nairn, Modeling and IKA tutorials
Kiernan Holland, Particles, Lattices, Modeling tutorials
Rob Starr, Modeling, Texturing and Animation tutorials
The IcemAn, 8 step mountain tutor Wizzbit, Particle fire tutorial

An overview of all Blender releases and additions or fixed bugs.

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Join the Blender EFNET chat channel: #blender3d.
Not all IRC servers can find this channel. Here are a few good ones:
irc.df.lth.se (port 6668), irc.phoenix.net, irc.ais.net, irc.telia.no, irc.nijenrode.nl

Links to free texture databases.

This is the collection of announcements before the news-server started.

Y2K bug
Blender doesn't use dates internally.
Please read the disclaimer in the copyright.txt that is included in each download file.