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Blender is freeware as well as commercially available. Introducing in april 1999: the Key system!

NEW! Linux PPC version!
Blender is available for:
- SGI Irix 5.3/6.x systems.
- Sun Solaris 2.6 systems
- FreeBSD x86 PCs.
- Linux x86 PCs.
- Linux Alpha PCs.
- Linux PPC Macs.
- BeOS PC's.
- Windows 95/98/NT

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We had a lot of success at the annual CG exhibition. Check the official Press Release.

News Server

New Link! The news server is the place to be! Post questions or remarks and read the official announcements,
NaN offers a secure website for manual, shirt and key orders.
Complete Blender
Find out about latest development and other information for C-Key holders.

A summary of all Blender features. Blender is an integrated suite for modeling, animation, rendering and post-production.
Not a Number is the company founded to maintain the current Blender releases and is responsible for all future development.

"What the heck is EditMode?". "My ADD menu gets stuck!". Read the frequently asked questions before posting at the news-server!
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Blender has been developed as in-house tool for animation studio NeoGeo.
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